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Oklahoma's Premiere Architectural Solutions Provider

Champion Designs & Systems strives to enhance our communities by providing high performance building solutions that will maximize the value of design and construction. We believe that the right building products applied correctly create more sustainable communities that are attractive and productive. With the right materials, building projects can be cost effective and efficient without sacrificing good taste or charm. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are committed to being a resource for the design and application of a wide selection of building materials that can bring the most innovative visions to life.

Our company has been relentlessly pursuing the goal to be the Oklahoma’s premiere architectural systems provider and the most trusted resource for sustainable high-quality architectural materials. Our mission is to be the preferred provider of high quality architectural products, and our vision is to enhance our communities through excellence in architectural construction. We add value to the architectural construction process by offering and supporting innovative architectural materials that are high performing and pleasing. Champion Designs & Systems is committed to excellence and seeks to make a lasting impact on people who are touched by our products and services.


In everything that we do, most importantly we want to operate in an honorable way and be a corporation of people who have high moral character. Character is who a person is when nobody is watching. We want to always be faithful to give our best effort with utmost integrity. Our company is committed to always strive to do right by others and be good ambassadors for the manufacturers that we represent.
We want to be people who are characterized by excellence in everything that we do. Our team is committed to making every effort to make our partners and customers a success. We are firmly committed to giving attention to the details. We are focused on high quality. Our business enhances our communities by bringing quality visions to life through strategic partnerships with manufacturers, designers and installers who are the best in the business.
Our team values responsiveness and the ability to skillfully solve problems quickly. We always want to add value to our partners and customers. Our desire is to be the preferred resource to our customers for help. We also value intellectual curiosity and are committed to continuously improving the lives of people touched by our products and services. Champion Designs & Systems always strives to achieve new heights of quality, value and customer satisfaction.
We believe that the purpose of our business is to faithfully serve others and to leave a positive impact on our communities. We value service minded attitudes and generosity of spirit. Our commitment to our products and services runs deep, and our company is always committed to serving others well. Our goal is to always perform at the highest service level possible.

Architectural Products

Metal Wall and Roof Panels

CENTRIA is the world leader for insulated metal wall panels that deliver extraordinary performance backed by the most advanced thermal and moisture protection technology available today. CENTRIA also provides a wide variety of single skin metal rainscreen systems, modular metal panel systems and architectural metal roofing systems. Using heavy weight metal, our wall and roof systems withstand the long term effects of exposure to the elements and wild weather that is common in our geographic area. Using durable metal systems not only maintains a consistent aesthetic over time, but these systems also decrease the operating and maintenance costs over the life of the facility. We offer a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and finishes so you can explore unique aesthetic opportunities across building elevations.

Phenolic Wall and Soffit Panels

Phenolic panels, also known as high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels, offer some of the widest ranging variety of creative options to help architects convey emotion and tell stories by creating dynamic environments that utilize customizable shape, color, tone and textures. These highly flexible systems can be customized to meet almost any creative application, and in many cases, a person is only limited by his or her imagination. Phenolic systems are produced in a very sustainable way and have been rigorously tested to ensure durability to impact resistance, fire resistance, UV, and severe weather. TRESPA panels are one of the best values in architectural wall products today by achieving unmatched levels of flexibility, durability and sustainability at a competitive price.

Fiber Cement Wall Panels and Siding

NICHIHA Fiber cement wall panels and siding are a great solution for customers that would like to keep their spaces fresh and up to date. These products offer the flexibility of using thousands of colors that can easily match corporate branding. Fiber cement also offers a wide variety of natural finish and texture selections. These systems are very easy to install, and they can work as back ventilated rainscreen over a wide variety of walls and substructures.

Building Envelope Solutions

VaproShield’s high performance building envelope solutions work for all types of buildings and construction. We keep buildings dry by using the most durable and innovative materials available. Our building envelope solutions add value by significantly improving air quality and preventing moisture related problems. All of our building envelope products have been proven durable while fully exposed without cladding in the most extreme extreme conditions for long periods of time. Noted as the most Phase Construction Friendly WRB/Air Barrier in the industry, VaproShield membranes can help keep your construction schedule on track.


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